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kerbecois Sick instrumentation all over the record. Great mix. Vibes vibes vibes. Favorite track: 1 1 1.
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released February 28, 2017

Bas Relief |

"Noot Toon" and "Sum" written and produced by David Mitchell and William Osiecki between Nov 2016 and Feb 2017.

Vocals on "Noot Toon" by Lex Reid. The song also includes a sample from Yndi Halda's "Helena," as well as production from Xavier Arotxa León and Milo Reinhardt.

Stems for both songs can be downloaded here:


All songs written and produced by Sander Bryce
Mixed and Mastered by Zach Weeks

Mateo Garcia aka gauntly - Guitar (sampled), Vocals
Samuel Ogoe aka Canteen Killa - Synth Bass
Chris Lee - Guitar
Sander Bryce - Drums, Sampling

1 1 1:
Song Sampled - "111" from Corners by YAKMLW
Sander Bryce - Drums, Sampling
Henry Yavorski - Bass
Brian Seltzer - Guitar

Special thanks to: Karen, Kash and Sloane Bryce, Katherine Mac'Kenzie Kerr, People Like You, Pet Jail, BIGPAT, Alex "Coach" Pickert, 1997 Recordings Collective, Coach and Sons Booking, Mike Nevin and the rest of Boston "Squad", Josh Bresnik and the rest of my Livingston family. I love you all thank you for sticking by me for 25 years.

Art by Lex Reid



all rights reserved


H A U N T E R Livingston, New Jersey

H A U N T E R Electroacoustic Producer/Performer of Experimental Hip-Hop and Jazz

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Track Name: Bas Relief - Noot Toon ft. Lex Reid
left so quickly, in soft focus

i don’t wanna stop smiling
i don’t wanna stop laughing
i don’t want to stop being
bettin' on your cards if you're tarot card reading


came so easy, went so fast
Track Name: Bas Relief - Sum
who is beside me

crowds out, one more stop see out

focus once on the way from
14 hours ago and 61 bus stops
finally remember the day where i finally burnt out
took to the 4, took to the 26, took to the 54, see you, focus, bandage it

save us, the way it did before i was born
finally, found it, so i, see it
7 times the size and so am i
read the between the lines
read this exercise

same old sound
been there since before i was born
Track Name: H A U N T E R - Wait ft. gauntly
Go ahead
You don't have to wait
Get spent dancing instead
It gives you away
Saving it first

No no no
You wouldn't know

Go ahead
You don't have to wait
Get spent dancing instead

No no no
You wouldn't know

No no no no
You wouldn't have known

Why don't you release your noose